Parking will be hard to find as visitors head to Mt. Charleston for holiday weekend

Parking will be hard to find as visitors head to Mt. Charleston for holiday weekend

Many families will head up to Mt. Charleston this weekend to spend time playing in the snow.

Martin Luther King Junior weekend typically brings extra people to the mountain.

A busy weekend usually leads to parking and trash problems.

“My goal this year is to pick up 700 pounds of trash,” said Haley Andress.

It’s a determination that can only come from Haley Andress’ love for the outdoors.

“My goal last year was 600 pounds,” she continued.

Andress heads up the mountain every weekend to pick up trash left behind in the snow at Kyle Canyon.

“Oh, a doggy bag,” she said while out on her walk.

She finds all sorts of items left behind along trails and play areas.

“There's a monster truck. This is a bottle cap here,” she said pointing to a nearby tree.

Most of the trash was left by visitors who recently came up the mountain.

“Sled pieces and broken sleds are definitely the name of the game today. We get a lot of cardboard that they use for sleds,” noted Andress.

This week, 20 inches of new snow left the mountain postcard perfect.

For Javier Hidalgo, it was a sight to see.

“It's my first time, yeah, my first time,” said Javier Hidalgo.

Hidalgo is from Costa Rica and said he’s never seen snow in his life.

“It's beautiful. Wonderful,” he continued.

However, all the snow also brings a crowded mountain road and a parking problem.

Highway Patrol Trooper Solon Davenport spent the afternoon handing out tickets to those who were ignoring “No Parking” signs or blocking traffic.

“Come earlier in the day and if no parking is available, take a visual look of the snow and come back when it's not so busy,” said Trooper Solon Davenport.

As for Andress, it’s her love for the outdoors that makes her want to keep the mountain clean, no matter how busy it gets.

“Every piece of trash matters, even the little ones,” she said.

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