Pawn Stars' Chumlee to make first court appearance Monday

Pawn Stars' Chumlee, whose legal name is Austin Lee Russell, arrested 3/9/2016 after a police raid of his home. [LVMPD]

Pawn Stars' local celebrity Chumlee could avoid jail time in his recent drugs and weapons case.

Austin Lee Russell, known by most as "Chumlee" is expected in court Monday at the Regional Justice Center for his initial appearance.

He was arrested March 9 during a sexual assault investigation. Officers raided his home and found numerous illegal substances.

According to a law enforcement source close to News 3, the District Attorney is expected to charge Chumlee with felony possession of a firearm and a controlled substance, but documents say his attorneys got him a plea deal.

That deal will give Chumlee probation and no jail time, and the two felony charges will eventually become misdemeanors once he completes probation.

As for the alleged sexual assault case that originally brought officers to his home, the source tells News 3 that police and Chumlee's attorneys, David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld, say an in-depth investigation was run and both sides found there was not enough evidence to charge him.

Chumlee fans continue to stand behind the Pawn Stars celebrity.

"I still think of him as the same as when I first started seeing him on the TV on the show," said fan Nicholas Barazell. "Somebody who is funny ... he's laid back, likes to fool around, stuff like that."

Chumlee has remained largely incognito since the arrest, with no sign of the reality tv star or word from him.

"I would just tell him to make better choices for next time. That's what I would say ... and good luck to him," Barazell said.

Sources say the judge still has to sign off on the plea deal, which could happen during his court appearance on Monday.

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