POLICE| Possible serial robbery suspect shot and killed inside North Las Vegas 7-Eleven

    Police investigate a deadly shooting Thursday, November 10, 2016, at a 7-Eleven near Cheyenne Avenue and Civic Center Drive in North Las Vegas. (Kyndell Nunley/KSNV)

    North Las Vegas police say a man attempting to rob a 7-Eleven ended up shot by an armed slot machine guard.

    The attempted robbery happened just after 3:30 Thursday morning near Cheyenne and I-15 but police as discovered, it may not have been the man's first time robbing businesses in the area.

    Surveillance video taken inside a North Las Vegas smoke shop in the same area shows a very dangerous robber pointing a gun at store owner, Peir Khabro. The robbery happened this Monday. The thief managed to run away with cash.

    Store surveillance video from a week earlier shows the same man robbing the same smoke shop. The suspect walked in wearing a hoodie and a blue bandana over his face. Khabro said he also had a gun pointed at him during that robbery and the suspect got away with money.

    Police say they found a blue bandana and a gun at the scene of the crime Thursday morning. The 7-Eleven robbed also happened to be located in front of the smoke shop that was targeted twice.

    Khabro and his wife believe it's the same man who terrorized them and stole from their business.

    "The guy he come with a gun. He take all the money in the cashier and my husband didn't do anything they gave him the money," said Randa Uri, Khabro's wife.

    Police sources say the man killed Thursday was likely involved in a series of robberies in the area. Sources also say within the last two weeks a Taco Bell, the same 7-Eleven, the smoke shop, and a Metro PCS were hit. Sources say the culprit in those cases was a hooded, bandana-wearing robber.

    A store clerk inside the Metro PCS said he feared for his life when the thief pointed a gun at him last week.

    "Everytime they rob somebody like seems to be the same person mask, bandana, with a hoodie and a gun," said the clerk.

    Uri tells us she was fearful it would only be a matter of time before the robber killed her or her husband.

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