Pink wave washes over Nevada in historic vote


It was a big victory for women in Nevada.

The so-called "pink wave" is washing over the state.

For the first time ever, women will hold the majority in the House and could also have a majority in the Senate, depending on what happens with Attorney General-elect Aaron Ford's and Clark County Commissioner-elect Tick Segerblom’s seats.

When you look now at Carson City, it’s a much different looking Nevada.

Women will be at the helm and blazing a trail.

Democratic Senator Pat Spearman said, “I’d like to consider it, maybe, a pioneering spirit.”

Nevada is now the fifth state to have two female U.S. Senators, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Senator-elect Jacky Rosen.

Seat after seat in Nevada’s Congress was filled with local women.

“My hope is that there will be a change in the culture of the building,” said Patricia Farley. “Women have different priorities, and we resolve problems differently. It is the good ol' boys, and I think the good ol' boys are in for quite a bit of shock here.”

She’s a former state senator. She left the Republican party after she said her agenda as a woman didn’t always fall in line with party politics.

She said this historic vote could be a rude awakening to some.

She and Senator Spearman said the chance means opportunity for women-centered issues, from the wage gap to childcare.

“It will say a lot for the voters and for the people in the state of Nevada. We will lead in a very positive way,” Spearman said.

She added that Nevada continues to lead the way, just as it did when ratifying the equal rights amendment.

Spearman said, “I really believe that 100 years from now when students are reading in their history books what Nevada accomplished and what happened last night and what we’re able to get done because of that, I think our children and our children’s children will be quite pleased.”

Both women said Nevada is now the benchmark.

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