Pokémon Go invites gamers to get out of the house and unite in the real world

Pokemon Go is a new smartphone game which invites players to physically walk around their communities capturing Pokémon that appears on their phones. 7/7/2016 (Sergio Avila/Pokemon Go)

The Pokémon craze is back, this time in the form of a mobile phone application.

The new game invites players to physically walk around their communities capturing Pokémon that appears on their phones.

To say Levi Miles is a fan of Pokémon is an understatement. The mobile game Pokémon Go was released Wednesday evening around four in the afternoon. Miles and his buddies got together that night and went on the hunt.

"So we wandered around Boca Park last night at like four in the morning. This probably isn't the best idea but we're catching Pokémon, so," said Miles.

Miles said the idea of catching Pokémon around his neighborhood is something he could never have imagined before the new game was released.

"It's like dreams come true. It's fun because you're wandering around the real world and all of a sudden there's Pokémon there," said Miles.

But gamer beware, there is potential for trespassing if you're not playing safely.

The game's terms and conditions, which are rarely read, state that players agree to not break laws, including trespassing.

Some players sounded off on Twitter.

One Las Vegan wrote, "I technically trespassed private property to obtain Charmander and I have no regrets."

Miles says his group, played it safe.

"We didn't go in anyone's yard or anything silly like that," he said.

Still, the issue remains a concern around the world. One Australian police station posted on its Facebook page that players should stay out of their building.

So many people were playing today that the game servers were overloaded and players were locked out.

In just about 24 hours, Pokémon Go has proven extremely popular. Already it has its supporters, like Miles, who say it unites people by getting them out of the house.

"While the game is about catching monsters and battling, really at its core it's about bringing people together," said Miles.

One more word of caution, this one to parents. If your child is playing the game News 3 has learned that it uses lots of smartphone data.

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