Police looking for burglar who stole NV Energy uniform in northwest valley

Police looking for burglar who stole NV Energy uniform in northwest valley

Detectives with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are looking for a burglar who stole an NV Energy uniform from a personal car in the northwest valley.

Police hope the thief does not try to pose as a utility employee.

On Tuesday morning, a burglar broke into the personal car of an NV Energy employee in the 9500 block of New Harbor Avenue, near Grand Canyon Drive and Deer Springs Way.

Inside the man's vehicle was an NV Energy uniform and two guns. Officers say the thief made off with the property undetected.

Beverly Carson lives in the northwest community. She says the thought of someone posing as an NV Energy employee is concerning.

"It frightens me to know that there is someone in a gated community. On top of that, with security guards that, you know, someone stole from somebody's truck," Carson said.

NV Energy officials stress the burglar did not break into one of the company's vehicles.

Northwest resident Alan Boyer says he'll be more cautious.

"It's quite a shame that people choose to behave like that," said Boyer. "Good people are trying to live a good life and do good things. When you hear things like that it makes you a bit apprehensive."

Police do not have a description of the burglar and have issued a community safety notice for the northwest area following Tuesday morning's burglary.

"I would definitely keep an eye out to see what's going on but that's frightening to know there is someone who stole a uniform posing as an NV Energy employee," said Beverly Carson.

If anyone has to call NV Energy about any questions they have about a field tech, you can call 702-402-5555.

Here are some safety tips NV Energy give their customers to be on the lookout for fake utility employees.

  • NV Energy says employees never show up to a home unscheduled.
  • You are urged to always ask NV Energy employees for their identification.
  • Customers can also call the power company for verification.
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