Police report: Henderson woman killed husband after he spit in her face

Shirron Gayles-Zanders, 50 (HPD/KSNV)

He spit in her face and then she killed him.

That’s what a Henderson woman told police after she was arrested for her husband’s murder.

Shirron Gayles-Zanders, 50, is behind bars on an open murder charge.

It appears to be a terrible case of domestic violence.

But officers believe Gayles-Zanders was the aggressor.

“He spit on her face and that's what set her off in a rage,” said Officer Scott Williams.

It happened Saturday morning in a gated neighborhood on the 1100 block of Strada Pecei in Henderson.

Police said Gayles-Zanders’ husband called 911 asking for a civil standby so he could go in the home and retrieve property.

“Because he knew it would probably be confrontational between he and his wife,” explained Williams.

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But police say he didn’t wait for officers to get there. Instead, he went into the home.

“This is a situation where someone lost their life because they didn't want to wait a few extra minutes,” noted Williams.

A police arrest report details a heated argument between a husband and wife. It reveals there was screaming and fists flying before the fatal stabbing.

Gayles-Zanders says her husband tried to "put a cigarette out on her face by pushing it towards her eye."

“At some point in that argument, she retrieved a fixed blade knife and stabbed him multiple times,” explained Williams.

According to Gayles-Zanders, her husband spit in her face. She called it the “ultimate show of disrespect.”

Police say when Gayles-Zanders called 911, she told the dispatcher, “I think I just killed my husband.”

Gayles-Zanders will be in court on Monday, Nov. 13.

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