Police say Kenneth Robinson admitted to the murder of his 7-year-old roommate

Kenneth Robinson in court Wednesday morning on a murder charge. Police say he is the man who killed a 7-year-old boy this weekend in SW Vegas. 11/2/16 (Kyndell Nunley | KSNV)

On the same day Kenneth Robinson appeared in a Clark County courtroom, accused of killing a 7-year-old boy he lived with, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrest report detailed the horrific way the child died.

Richard Ramasje Findley died Sunday from what homicide detectives said was severe abuse.

Police say Robinson is responsible for tying up Findley Jr. and beating him to death.

Officers say they first received a call for help that the boy was not breathing at the Siegel Suites near Boulder Highway And Flamingo Sunday afternoon. The child was pronounced dead at Sunrise Hospital 40 minutes after officers were dispatched.

Findley Jr.'s grandmother, Vera Dawson, said her grandson was full of life. Dawson said she got a frantic phone call from her daughter Sunday saying that her son was in the hospital.

"I took it so hard. I couldn't believe it," said Dawson.

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Officers documented in the arrest report that the child was bruised on his stomach, had a hand imprint on his butt and hip area, and his wrists and ankles appeared to have been tied up.

According to the arrest report, Robinson told police that the boy's mother, Roshoun Malone, tied up her son using t-shirts while Robinson hit Findley Jr. on the back of his head and in the stomach. Robinson also told detectives that the child was tied because he had a history of hitting himself in the face.

Malone denied to police that she helped Robinson tie the boy up, saying she woke up to find the child bound and that she did not see any abuse on that day. She also told police that Robinson had hit her child in the past. Police are investigating everything despite her statements to officers at the scene.

"I'm not ruling her out right now. Because she has a responsibility there too if she was present," said Lt. Dan McGrath with Metro homicide.

Dawson told News 3 that Malone and her three children were living with Robinson in the Siegal Suites temporarily while she got back on her feet financially. Dawson said Malone asked her for help caring for the children.

"She was going through hard times. Mama, could I take the kids. I said no problem, that's what mom is for. Bring them to me. No problem. Ok, they're leaving Sunday. Sunday come and he didn't make it. Because an evil person wanted to abuse my grandson," said Dawson.

When officers revealed that the boy had died, Robinson said, "he did it" and that he didn't want Malone to lose her kids. Robinson said Findley Jr. was disrespectful and disobedient.

Robinson is in custody, being held with no bail. He will appear back in court for his preliminary hearing on December 7th.

The family is asking for financial help to cover funeral expenses for the boy. If you'd like to help you can donate on their GOFundMe page here.

Kenneth Robinson Arrest Report by Anonymous zKUNzIj on Scribd

Kenneth Robinson Arrest Report by Anonymous zKUNzIj on Scribd

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