Gunman who killed man, woman outside apartment arrested

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The gunman who killed a man and woman outside an apartment complex has been arrested.

During the preliminary investigation, Caleb Maxey, 50, was identified as the suspect.

Police say Maxey and the 43-year-old woman had a prior domestic relationship where Maxey had been previously arrested for stalking.

A few hours after the initial incident, the FBI Criminal Apprehension Team located Maxey in the 700 block of East Naples Drive in Las Vegas where he was taken into custody.

Caleb Maxey was subsequently booked into the Las Vegas City Detention Center for two counts of open murder with a deadly weapon and one count of aggravated stalking.


North Las Vegas police are searching for a gunman who killed a man and a woman outside an apartment.

Detectives say the killer took the life of a mother of two. The shooting happened near Centennial Parkway and Pecos Road.

A woman collapsed in front of North Las Vegas police as she learned one of her loved ones had been killed. Officers say before five this morning shots rang out in a common area at the Colonial Grand at Desert Vista Apartments.

Rodney Matson lives at the apartment complex.

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Matson said, "I heard pow! -- and then you heard a girl screaming -- awww! -- and then pow! Pow! Five times!"

When police arrived they say they found a man dead and rushed a 43-year-old woman to UMC hospital. The woman ended up passing away.

North Las Vegas police aren't sure what led to the double homicide.

North Las Vegas Police Eric Leavitt said, "Preliminary investigation shows we showed reports of an argument between male and female. Many heard arguing outside of an apartment in a common area just before gunfire erupted."

Police have not released a description of the gunman. People living at the apartment complex say it's concerning to know the murderer is still out there.

Robert Banks, a neighbor said, "We are concerned about it because I thought this was a real quiet neighborhood. I like it here."

George Flory, a neighbor said, "If it’s a random thing, it’s kind of concerning."

Police tell us the woman leaves behind two children. Neighbors tell us he feels bad for the children who no longer have a mom.

Jason Cook, a neighbor said, "I heard about three shots and a scream this morning."

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