Source: Arrest warrant being considered in Tupac's murder

Tupac Shakur in the 1994 film 'Above the Rim', Photo Date: 1994 (Photo: New Line)

Duane "Keffe D" Davis, the uncle of the prime suspect in Tupac Shakur's murder, made a shocking confession on television.

Keffe D said he was in the car when a person riding with him fired shots into another car, killing Tupac.

Retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police detective Phil Ramos said gang members rarely talked to police. Even Tupac wouldn't say who shot him back in 1996 before he died.

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Now, there’s a petition demanding LVMPD seek justice in Tupac’s murder.

Investigators have never been able to close the door on this cold case.

According to reports, Keffe D also confessed in a recorded police interview nearly a decade after the shooting happened, that his nephew, Orlando Anderson, fired the shots that killed Tupac. Police say Anderson was the main suspect in the case, but never faced charges up to his death.

A source close to the investigation tells News 3 that LVMPD is considering an arrest warrant for murder. Police are trying to figure out at how they can get that warrant processed.

Ramos is now retired from the department, but he said getting a warrant takes convincing prosecutors you have a case.

"You only get one shot. You can only try a person once,” Ramos said.

A source familiar with the investigation also said LVMPD was given a gun from Los Angeles Police Department, but after testing the gun for ballistics it showed the gun they were given was not the one used to kill Tupac.

That person also says LAPD told Metro investigators they had another weapon possibly used in Tupac's murder, but authorities in Las Vegas have never been given access to that test that weapon.

In an interview on the BET show "Death Row Chronicles," Keffe D explained he is the only person still alive with the details of Tupac's death, and the reason he is speaking up now is because he has cancer.

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