Police: Suspect in fatal DUI crash has 4 previous DUIs

News 3 is learning new details into a deadly crash that took the life of a 16-year-old Shadow Ridge High School student on his way to school.

Law enforcement sources say right before the crash that took the life of Jaelan Fajardo, 47-year-old David Fensch was drinking at Bally's Casino.

Fensch admits to police he drank four glasses of rum and also was on Xanax. It’s a drug used to treat anxiety. After the crash, sources say Fensch smelled of alcohol and slurred his speech.

Sandy Heverly with STOP DUI is upset over the deadly crash, "We are curious to know why he ever had access to that vehicle. How did that come about? He shouldn't have been near one much less behind the wheel."

Heverly is well aware of the previous DUI's Fensch was charged with.

Court records show Fensch was charged two times with DUI in Michigan and two times here in Clark County.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson was also upset over the crash. Wolfson said, "His conduct is unacceptable, but I blame in part this community. Whatever we are doing isn't working to get the message out that it is unacceptable behavior driving under the influence."

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District Attorney Steve Wolfson stresses everyone needs to be committed to ending these DUI deaths.

"I think our laws should reflect what happens. This is not the first one in the last couple of days. I think people who have the ability to change laws should take a look at this", said Wolfson.

Many friends of Shadow Ridge High Sophomore Jaelan Fajardo hope this time Fensch never gets out of jail.

Heverly said, "The ultimate blame falls on the offender. That's where the blame falls on."

Fensch is being charged with vehicular homicide. He is due in court on Valentine’s Day.

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