Popular Las Vegas sandwich shop plans nationwide expansion

What's the one place in Las Vegas where you can celebrate Thanksgiving all year long?? Capriotti's, of course!

Now, the popular sandwiches are going to be available across the country, as the company announces plans for nationwide expansion. Home of such favorites as the Bobbie, the Capistrami, and the Slaw Be Joe, it turns out Capriotti's popularity is spreading.

"We get about 30 to 40 inquiries a week, a week for people that want to open a Capriotti's in their hometown," said Capriotti's Chief Development Officer, David Bloom.

Soon, many cities will get that opportunity. The Las Vegas-based company launching a nationwide expansion, places like Denver, Nashville, and Los Angeles are on the list. Bloom says with 36 shops in the Las Vegas area, and a total of 106 already across the country, they anticipate growth up to 500 in the next few years.

What sets them apart? "Quality," said Bloom. "Nobody else roasts turkey in house and roasts their meat, and makes their own meatballs. We do that in house every day."

Las Vegas foodies responded big when chains like Chick-Fil-A and White Castle moved in, now it's Las Vegas' turn to give something back.

"I like the Italian Sub and the Meatball Sub," said one regular customer.

"I like the Capriotti, the pastrami and I like the Italian Deli," said another.

Now the rest of the world will get to experience a common Las Vegas dilemma, choosing one sandwich over another.

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