Popular Las Vegas Thai restaurant temporarily closed after ceiling collapses

Local Thai restaurant closes until further notice following roof collapse. 9/08/17 (Ken Takahashi | KSNV)

Lotus of Siam is a popular Thai restaurant in Las Vegas, but they’ve been forced to temporarily close their doors after heavy rainfall leaked through their roof and caused parts of their ceiling to collapse.

The incident happened on Friday after heavy rain fell in the valley. The restaurant was open for business when they noticed tiles beginning to fall from the ceiling, and they had to ask customers to leave.

Penny Chutima is the daughter of the owners and says they had been complaining to the landlord, Mark Coffman, since September 2016 about their roof leaking.

"It's been like, 'hey, we need to get a hold of you,' or, 'hey, the roof's leaking,' and he says, 'okay we'll send the roofers out,'” said Chutima.

However, she says it took more than a year for those roofers to show up.

The roofers finally started repair work on Aug. 29, and not even two weeks later, the ceiling caved in.

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Chutima believes it’s because the workers did not lay a tarp over the entire roof when they finished their work day, allowing rain to flow into their building.

Those roofers continued to work on repairing the roof until Tuesday afternoon when a state building inspector told News 3 they sent the workers home because they didn't have a license.

That inspector also told News 3 that the owner is facing a citation for hiring those unauthorized workers.

We reached out to the landlord and left several messages to get his side of the story, but so far we haven’t heard back.

Chutima says they do have insurance to cover the damage done and that they also plan to pay their employees who are missing work because of the incident.

However, in the meantime, owners at Lotus of Siam have no idea when their roof will be fixed; they’re just hoping it doesn’t rain again in the meantime.

They say it could be another two months before they are able to open their doors again.

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