PORCH PIRATE: Thief steals package using USPS key lock

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Some gated communities in Southern Nevada can be accessed via a special lock just for postal employees.

So how did a porch pirate successfully use a USPS lock to open a neighborhood gate near Bermuda and Pebble?

Shawna Ballard said a stranger walked up to her front door and stole a package on her front porch. Her RING doorbell caught the thief in action.

“I don't like it. I feel like we've been violated. I can't believe someone would have the guts to walk right up to my door and take that and get in their car and think they had done a good deed for the day,” said Ballard.

“It was crazy to me to watch,” she continued.

“It was like a $40 bowling bag. I hope the joke is on her. She probably doesn't even know it's a bowling bag,” said Ballard with a laugh.

In the RING doorbell video, you can see the thief run over to a light-colored Kia and take off.

But it’s how the crook got inside the gated neighborhood that has Ballard surprised.

“There's a lock on the keypad that is specific to the USPS. To my knowledge is no one else has access to it,” said Ballard.

“We know it was from that lock. It wasn't a code. It wasn't anything else. I don't know if she had a key or somehow put some other device in there. We don't know,” she continued.

“Someone will recognize her or the car. It's a really good shot of the car. I hope she gets caught,” explained Ballard.

The United States Postal Service sent News 3 a statement:

“The Postal Inspection Service is currently reviewing the video footage and evidence gathered. They have determined the person in the footage is not an employee, however, the video is inconclusive if she was posing as one,” said David Rupert from the USPS.

“How this person gained access is still under investigation,” he continued. “We encourage anyone with information to call Crimestoppers or the Postal Inspection Service at 1-877-876-2455.”

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