Possible victims sought in sex assault case after arrest of North Las Vegas suspect

Mohamed Muhina

The FBI has categorized 23-year-old Mohamed Muhina as a dangerous child predator.

Authorities say Muhina sexually assaulted two minors under the age of 16 at different times in the Las Vegas Valley.

The North Las Vegas resident is under arrest, but federal and local law enforcement officers fear there could be more victims.

"It's very possible there could be more victims, so in this case, working with the FBI, we wanted to put out much information as possible," said Aaron Patty, spokesman for the North Las Vegas Police Department.

Muhina allegedly contacted his victims through various social media apps, according to Patty. One was through Facebook Messenger, where police say Muhina used the alias Junior William.

"It's caution. What we want to put out there to the public is: be careful, know who you are interacting with because there are lots of strangers out there," Patty said. "You never know their intentions or what they plan to do."

Public records show Muhina last lived in a North Las Vegas neighborhood near MLK Boulevard and Carey Avenue.

Drew Douglass, who lived two doors down from Muhina, never expected to hear of such accusations against his neighbor.

"I'm really surprised," Douglass said. "I was surprised to hear about it. I mean, honestly, knowing about the authorities got him makes me feel safer now."

Law enforcement authorities are now reaching out to the public to see if there are any more victims.

"Any sexual predator who is going after teenagers, especially, in this case, he's going to be very dangerous," Patty said.

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