Power off for days in northeast community finally back on

Residents at Carefree Community near Nellis and Cheyenne without power for days say they have long cold nights. Learn what happens after we search for answers. (Christy Wilcox | KSNV)

At a community called Carefree late Thursday afternoon, Lynn sharp sits in her wheelchair in the dark. Her daughter Heidi and son John, worry.

"Mother are you okay?" her daughter Heidi asks.

Residents like Marilyn Hankins said this neighborhood has hundreds of homes and they have been without power for days.

Hankins said electric is part of their rent. Since the power went out days ago, she said it’s been cold and the food is rotting in their refrigerator. A lucky few on this street have generators, for others like the Hankins family, they have built fires in their grills to keep warm

"I can't do laundry, I can't cook. We are staying warm this way," said Hankins.

News 3 reached out to NV Energy and Clark County to find out who is responsible or who might be able to help. Two hours after News 3 got there and started asking questions, the lights came on.

"I thought it wasn't ever going to happen. But it's good now," Lynn Sharp told us.

An NV Energy truck was spotted leaving the property right after the power came back on. Later, News 3 caught up with community managers who were on the property. A person who claimed he was the owner of the property briefly spoke with News 3 before asking our cameraman to leave. He said they had to make repairs before a transformer could be turned back on by NV Energy.

News 3 has reached out to a spokesperson for NV Energy to understand just exactly how this transformer got to the point where it lost power in the first place.

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