Lights back on after power outages hit McCarran Airport terminal in Las Vegas

People stand around the ticketing counter in McCarran International Airport's Terminal 1 as the airport deals with a power outage Wednesday, June 13, 2018. (Kyndell Nunley | KSNV)

Long lines, delays and grounded planes. A power outage at McCarran International Airport caused quite the headache for travelers Wednesday.

Operations are nearly normal after a power outage in Terminal 1.

"She looked us up on a form that she had and she filled out our boarding passes and sent us on our way," said Las Vegas local Betsey Chavanel, who was on her way to Chicago with her two kids, Owen and Cecille, when their plans went dark. "It is weird being here in the dark."

Things were slower, but officials at McCarran say plans are in place for how to handle black out situations at the airport.

"This is certainly an all hands on deck situation here at McCarran," said airport spokeswoman Christine Crews.

The TSA also adjusted, slowly checking passengers and bags the old school way in an attempt to keep things moving.

“We do have backup power here at the airport for vital systems. We also have contingency plans for many parts of our operation,” said Crews.

Airport officials say a cable serving the airport went down, causing the black-out. Repairs have been made.

Rolling black outs are expected throughout the day as crews continue to work on repairs.

Southwest, Allegiant and Spirit all instituted ground stops for inbound flights during the outage. Anyone flying with those carriers is asked to check their flight status.

Photos shared on social media showed dark screens at the Southwest Airlines arrival area and dark slot machines inside the terminal.

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