Project Neon disrupting local church operations

Project Neon disrupting local church operations. 7/31/17 (KSNV)

Project Neon is turning into a project headache for a church that has been in the same spot in Las Vegas for more than 80 years.

Grace Presbyterian Church on West Charleston Boulevard is in the shadows of the widening of I-15 and repositioning of MLK.

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"They've built it 35 feet in the air above the Church, and they'll be building Charleston up as well. So currently we are in a hole," said Church Pastor Jim Houston-Henckin.

News 3 has followed the developments, including when NDOT closed off the main access point to the church, re-routing visitors through confusing side streets.

Church leaders said previously the construction had caused some damage to the church structure, now they add the detours are creating a safety hazard.

Pastor Houston-Henckin says attendance has dropped and they are, "...seriously considering the fact that we can't survive!"

Initially he says the state indicated they wanted to acquire the church, but in the end, they chose to build around the church instead.

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