Project NEON is about to get worse!

Project Neon is well underway. It's now 32 percent complete. However, the worst part begins next month in February when NDOT will reduce U.S. 95 to two lanes in both directions from the Spaghetti Bowl to Rancho Drive.

Tony Illia with NDOT says there have been more crashes since construction began, but there are also more drivers on the roads. He said that’s just another reason why the $900 million-dollar project is necessary. Drivers, pedestrians, and businesses are fed up with the orange barrels, orange cones, and detour signs.

Francis Hoare is a head coach at Real Results Fitness on Commerce, near Charleston. He said it's loud, but they usually just turn up the music louder.

"Today, they were working on the street and they were digging into it, I thought there was an earthquake going on," said Hoare.

Hoare said they've gotten creative with the construction problems.

"We do late burpees for if you're late to class, and there's definitely been an uptick in late burpees," he told us.

Hoare said the construction crews are nice and cheer them on when they're outside running, but parking has been an issue.

"Some weeks it's fine, other weeks there's equipment parked there," said Hoare.

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For Martin Pedrego, the Spaghetti Bowl scramble is bad for business. His shop; 24 Hour Tire Shop; has been open for 21 years. He said, "People don't have any way to get here." He's lost business since construction began. "Say 3, 4 o'clock on up, it gets packed here. There's no way to get out or in."

The good news, it's on schedule. The recent rain hasn't delayed crews. NDOT says it budgets for about 12 days a year for bad weather.

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