Project NEON latest: MLK Boulevard on-ramp to U.S. 95 Northbound to close for two months

Starting tonight, Martin Luther King onramp to 95 NB will be closed for two months for Project Neon (Denise Rosch | KSNV)

Orange cones and detour signs are what motorist can expect to see plenty of as the largest road project in Nevada continues.

The latest closure in the Project NEON is the MLK Boulevard on-ramp at U.S. 95. This will be the first of many detours Las Vegans can expect with Project NEON.

At 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, that northbound on-ramp will shut down for two months.

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It may be a little inconvenience now but it will be for a better commute in the future.

Dale Turner has never complained about the location of his job being at the corner of Martin Luther King and Bonanza. But come Tuesday morning, traffic at that intersection might be an issue.

Turner thinks a backup is inevitable as confused motorists attempt to re-route.

“If that right lane is shut down, I don't know how far they're going to go back to say it's shut down, but if they don't go very far then everybody is going to get right up to it and then on over,” said Turner.

The closure is necessary to make room for a carpool, and flyover bridge that will connect U.S. 95 to I-15. Only one of the pieces to the Project NEON puzzle.

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A one-billion-dollar redesign to ease traffic on both highways.

“This is the busiest stretch of highway in the state,” said Dale Keller, Senior Project Manager for NDOT. "It's over 300-thousand vehicles per day, and with that, we experience 3 and a half accidents a day. So what we're doing with Project NEON is safety and mobility,” Keller continued.

But first, it’s the cone zone. Something Turner understands is part of progress.

“I can sit here and see south 95 early in the morning, or late in the afternoons and it's just crawling. So I think it'll be a good thing if they widen it,” said Keller.

The on-ramp is expected to remain closed until November 15. NDOT suggest Bonanza Road west to Rancho as an alternate route.

The entire Project NEON will take about three years to complete.

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