Project Neon nearing completion

Project Neon nearing completion

For the past 4 years Project Neon has been for many a project headache.

"It's the biggest project NDOT's ever undertaken and it's the largest public works project the state of Nevada has ever undertaken," said Tony Illia, NDOT’s Public Information Officer.

The $1 billion interstate improvement design promising faster, safer travel for motorists. However, getting to that point has been a challenge. Just ask the folks at Lola's Louisiana Kitchen on Charleston.

"You know we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, but it was a rough ride for a little bit," said Matthew Mascali, Lola’s VP of Operations.

The Charleston interchange leading right up past Lola's entrance has for the most part been gutted. Traffic cones reducing lanes has restricted easy access, and it's, unfortunately, affecting business.

"Yeah, we're planning a 'we survived Project Neon party'," said Mascali.

He chuckled because things are starting to improve.

The project itself is more than 93-percent complete now. Lanes have been added and bridges have been built. All construction, minus a final repaving should be finished no later than May.

On Thursday, one of two final I-15 closures is planned for installation of digital traffic management signs between Flamingo and Russell.

"So we call them active traffic management signs, this is sort of the next generation of smart lanes," said Illia.

Smart because the signs can restrict, open and close lanes as necessary, even adjust speed limits.

Next week the final full I-15 closure for the same installation headed the opposite direction. Yes, it's been a long time coming, but project managers still promising the reward, will have been worth the wait.

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