Project Neon reaches half-way mark on schedule

Project Neon reaches half-way mark on schedule (KSNV)

Whether it be during the day or at night, construction on the state's busiest highway seems never-ending.

"There are changes every single day. We are going vertical. New bridges are being built. We have 13-bridges already done. We have another 15 left to go," said NDOT Project Manager Dale Keller.

At a public hearing Wednesday night, an encouraging progress report: Project Neon has officially crossed the half-way mark.

“What they've done and where they're at with the project, I think it's amazing how much they've gotten done in such a short amount of time," said Brian Edwards who manages a business near Sahara and I-15.

From here, NDOT managers say the project will be broken up into two specific focus areas: The widening of I-15, raising and expanding of MLK, and repositioning of sound walls, is expected to be complete by November.

The flyover HOV-lane, dozens of digital signs, and new landscaping will finish by the following summer.

Some have asked, will it be enough?

"It all depends on how much growth we have, and how many people we have coming into our towns,” said Edwards.

A thought many are reluctant to consider.

For now, the visual progress, and news of an end in sight will have to suffice.

For more information on Project Neon, click here.

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