Prosecutors say Basic teacher facing lewdness charges brought student home multiple times

Photo: Las Vegas Metro Police Department

Prosecutors say a Basic High School teacher arrested on Monday took one of her students home on multiple occasions.

Breanna Hernandez is facing kidnapping and lewdness charges.

Off-camera, friends described 27-year old Hernandez as a "good" woman -- a devoted wife.

For these reasons, her friends say the allegations of kidnapping and lewdness with a student are startling.

At Basic High School on Tuesday, students were talking about the teacher's arrest. Basic High junior Shelby Basso said it was the only thing the student body was talking about this morning.

"I was surprised," Basso said. "I have never really heard of this. It hits close to home, because Basic is close to me."

A judge in court set Hernandez's bail at $5,000.

Prosecutors during the hearing say Hernandez brought one of her male students to her home on multiple occasions. Clark County School District Police say they were informed of inappropriate phone messages between the teacher and student back in November.

The school district assigned Hernandez home once the allegations came out.

Basic High student Danny Bonce says Hernandez was his freshman biology teacher.

"She was chill. She was kind of laid back," Basso said. "Class was easy."

Basso says it is disappointing to hear of a teacher accused of having a relationship with a student. Basso feels if the allegations are true, Hernandez needs to be punished.

"if there is a lot of evidence, then yeah, it's important," said Basso. "We don't need this as underage students. We just need a safer environment."

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