Public input sought on proposal for fund distribution to victims of 1 October tragedy

Public input sought on proposal for fund distribution to victims of 1 October tragedy. (Victims' Fund)

More than $15 million has been raised to help the victims of 1 October. Now, the first draft of the plan on how that money will be distributed.

Those appointed to the Las Vegas Victim’s Fund Committee are asking for input and survivors still have questions. It’s the first draft.

The Chairman of the Committee, Scott Neilson, said it can change. That’s why they’re seeking input.

As the Las Vegas Victim’s Fund grows, so do the hospital bills of victims like Kristine Schalk. She hid under a table that night, a bullet hitting her right below the ear. “I will always have shrapnel in my leg," she said. “I also have a numb right ear and my facial muscles in my cheek have not come back.”

She’s also thankful to be alive and humbled by the support that she; and all the other victims; have received. “It’s because of the goodness of the country and the world that this money even exists," she said.

But, she wonders how to assign a dollar amount to someone’s suffering? “That was always a sinking feeling to me, but I understood that that’s what it would boil down to,” she said.

Now, a starting point.

“We’re not trying to compensate people for their economic loss or their medical expenses. This is simply a gift of trying to distribute the charitable funds that were given, in a fair fashion, to the victims of One October,” said Scott Nielson, the Chair of the Las Vegas Victims Fund Committee. He’s part of a group of 16 donating their time to make the gift is distributed.

Neilson said they won’t be looking at hospital bills or lost wages, it’s based on level of injury. At least for now.

“We’re going to try and measure that by how long they were hospitalized," he said.

For Kristine, however, she was sent home from the hospital that night, returning days later for surgery. “Are they going to consider that my injury was less life-threatening because I didn’t spend any time in the hospital?”

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That’s why the committee wants to open it up to public comment.

Two town hall meetings will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 10:30 a.m. and at 6 p.m. at the Clark County Government Center to provide opportunities for oral comments.

The goal is to get all claims finalized by the end of January, with distribution by March.

Viewers may watch the town hall meetings live on Clark County Television (CCTV) as well as via a live stream at and at

Written comments are also welcome at or by mail to Las Vegas Victims’ Fund, P.O. Box 551111, Las Vegas, Nevada 89155-1111.

Click here to see the draft protocol.

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