Questions remain after MGM Resorts disputes shooting timeline reported by police

Mandalay Bay 5-20-2016 (Phillip Moyer | KSNV)

After 11 days of silence, saying they didn’t want to comment on an active investigation, Mandalay Bay now says it disagrees with the timeline of the shooting provided by police.

On Monday, Sheriff Joe Lombardo said hotel security guard Jesus Campos was shot at 9:59 p.m., the night of Oct. 1, six minutes before the shooting rampage on the concert crowd below.

The change left open the possibility that hotel staff delayed notifying police of an active shooter on the property for six minutes or more.

MGM Resorts, which owns and operates Mandalay Bay, now says that Stephen Paddock fired 200 rounds thru his hotel room door at 10:05 p.m.

"The 9:59 p.m. PDT time was derived from a Mandalay Bay report manually created after the fact without the benefit of information we now have. We are now confident that the time stated in this report is not accurate,” the company says, in an emailed statement.

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Mandalay Bay says the 200 rounds fired from inside Paddock’s 32nd-floor hotel room, that injured Campos, were just seconds from the start of the mass shooting.

“We know that shots were being fired at the festival lot at the same time as, or within 40 seconds after, the time Jesus Campos first reported that shots were fired,” according to the company.

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The statement from Mandalay Bay doesn’t explicitly state if hotel staff ever notified Metro of an active shooter on the property.

Police weren't advised of the exact location of the suspect's room until 10:18 p.m., which is 13 minutes after the time Mandalay Bay now says it knew of a threat.

Metro has scheduled a Friday news conference to provide updates on the investigation, and the timeline of events.

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