Las Vegas Raiders hold session to address zoning issues, parking and more


The Las Vegas Raiders held an informational meeting about zoning for local town boards and the public on Wednesday.

Raiders representatives said the stadium will take 31 months to build. The design was based on modern building and is complex in terms of its engineering and technology.

Design architect for the building, landscape, parking, and other representatives were on hand to discuss the stadium build. They said the stadium competes with other ideas of what people like to do for entertainment and it needs to be highly competitive, especially in Las Vegas.

But at the end of the day, the venue will be a shared experience with a diverse population. At the meeting, Raiders members addressed three major challenges they have getting the stadium built on time: budget, a fast-track schedule, and parking.

One of the main concerns is meeting parking zoning requirements. Zoning requires 16,250 spaces, but on-site parking is estimated at 2,375. John Wardlaw is a member of the Paradise Board. He offered insight into how he thinks future parking might be handled.

"It's going to be a lot about traffic conflicts and parking, potentially people parking all around their communities," said John Wardlaw.

With the current plan, 85% of parking will be off-site. The area around the stadium will allow for ride share, RTC, shuttles, an option to extend the monorail from MGM to the stadium. Commissioner Steve Sisolak said there are already plans in place that could get expanded with the stadium, which could present options to parking.

Sisolak said there is a possibility to expand the monorail, add surface structures or parking structures at nearby locations. Also, road improvement projects will help ease traffic and other zoning concerns.

"Those were already in the plan anyway now they might be done a year or two quicker," Sisolak

Las Vegas Raiders stadium will not have a retractable roof, however, it will have a glass wall that will allow some fans to watch the game and have a view of the Las Vegas strip. There are multiple levels of seating and the building is partially emerged into the ground.

Representatives said the building will have flowing soft lines of architecture, it will be sleek, dynamic, and fast. The stadium will be built with dark glass to help from an energy standpoint and a massive marquee board is attached to the stadium exterior.

The video screen on the east side of the building Memorial torch without an actual real flame.

They say building will take 31 months; same time to build US Bank Stadium. They will start building in late November 2017 with mass excavation and plan to open doors by July 31, 2020.

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