Raiders, Las Vegas hurdles not necessarily a concern for fans

As Raiders fans anticipate the teams move to Las Vegas we’re looking at 2018’s potential hurdles: parking, BaliHai, Training facility, etc. (Gerard Ramalho | KSNV)

The Raiders’ season may be over, but fans of the team still hold a lot of excitement, especially where Las Vegas and the brand new stadium are concerned.

“If it's going to look like the pictures are supposed to be, it’s going to be the best stadium out there,” said one fan outside the Raiders store at Town Square Las Vegas.

But It’s not all full speed ahead on certain issues.

Parking, for example, remains a challenge.

Alan Snel, who founded the website, believes the Bali Hai Golf Course site, just east of the future stadium, is currently the top choice, but there are legal obstacles.

The land, which is owned by the BLM and operated by the county, is currently leased to a local gambler who happens to be in custody. The lease would have to be bought out first, and a lawsuit filed by The government against the county for alleged underpaid rent on the property would also have to be resolved.

“If the Raiders do buy control of the land I’m sure the federal government would like to have the payments much higher, and I heard to the tune of maybe, 1.5-million, to maybe 2-million dollars a year, said Snel.

Then there's the new proposed training facility.

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Henderson city leaders expected to vote this week on selling a parcel near the M Resort to the Raiders; money for that deal also included in the $1.9 billion stadium project.

Snel believes the proximity to Henderson Executive Airport is also a plus for the team.

“They could probably fly in free agent candidates to talk, they could have their team executives come in,” said Snel.

While these and other smaller hurdles exist there doesn’t seem to be major concern says Snel. All indications are the stadium, parking, and training facility including, will be ready to go by 2020.

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