Raiders Stadium faced with parking dilemma

Russell Road lot still considered top choice for Raiders Stadium. 3/28/17 (Gerard Ramalho | KSNV)

Even before the Raiders officially chose the 62-acre site near Russell Road and I-15 as the future home of their new 65-thousand seat stadium, people questioned, where will fans park?

Now, months later there still doesn't seem to be an answer.

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"You'd need 100-acres to park 14-thousand cars,” remarked Commissioner Steve Sisolak. He said currently there's currently room for approximately 2500 spaces. That's about 14-thousand spaces short of what's actually needed.

Of course, they could build a parking structure, but tail-gaiting fans hate that idea.

One fan told News 3, “the two go together, hand in hand."

There's also talk using a remote lot, even working out a deal with UNLV. But that would likely require some type of shuttle service.

The best option, according to Sisolak, might be to acquire some adjacent land. Buildings would have to be torn down, and yet there's a problem with that too: Those properties have suddenly gone up in price.

"As soon as they announced that they bought that land,” said Sisolak. “All the other surrounding land went up exponentially. I mean it didn't double. It went up 5 and 10-times."

Oops! The Raiders still hope to have this issue and others resolved by October, so they can begin construction, before the end of the year.

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