Blame the rain? Rain wreaks havoc on roads after Tuesday storm

Rain causes increase in weather related crashes across the valley

Even when it rains, the roads stay busy and transportation crews stay working, keeping roads clear.

“Anytime it rains is a busy time for us,” said Tony Illia with the Nevada Department of Transportation.

It's a busy time for drivers too.

“I work as a taxi driver so I basically work on the road,” one driver said.

The rain also caused an increase in weather-related crashes.

“A car hitting a tree, a car hitting skidding off into some rocks and a car hitting a light pole,” said Andrew Bennett with the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety.

Bennett says those were just some of the accidents that happened Tuesday.

“We did experience a 30% increase in crashes. These were property damage only to serious injuries today,” Bennett said.

Coming off a deadly weekend, Bennett is reminding drivers to slow down, give yourself extra space and time to get to where you need to go.

“We had a horrible weekend on fatalities the last few days that wasn’t how we wanted to start 2019 so it’s important that we all understand that our primary goal whether it’s engineering, education, enforcement is to get you home safely at the end of the day but we need some help from our community to achieve that,” Bennett said.

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