Rare collection of fossils found in Southern Nevada will soon be on display

A rare collection of fossils found here in Southern Nevada will soon be on display at the Natural History Museum. (KSNV)

Sabertooth cats once roamed Las Vegas, mammoths towered over the valley, and now, you can see them.

A rare collection of fossils found here in Southern Nevada will soon be on display.

It's a homecoming 20 years in the making, with remnants of Las Vegas past.

Long before tourists, long before people walked the valley, they were here.

"It's been kind of a shame, but now that we're coming of age as a museum, they decided to bring these fossils home," said Dr. Josh Bonde.

Bonde brought the fossils, including thousands of pieces of camels, horses, sabertooth cats, and mammoths, from storage in California, despite them being found here in Southern Nevada.

They were not found deep in the wilderness, but instead, were actually a short drive from where we stand in the valley.

"Every single time I'm out in the Las Vegas formation, you find a new spot. Every single time. That’s how phenomenal this place is," said Bonde.

The fossils are owned by the Bureau of Land Management.

Our Natural History Museum wasn't big enough to house them, until now. Some will go on display at the Las Vegas Boulevard museum, while others will be studied by researchers and UNLV students.

"I hope it brings more awareness to how special Las Vegas is. What we have like fossils. Yeah, we have a great nightlife but we have a lot of science-rich and outdoor-rich activities to do," said student Rebecca Humphrey.

It's hard not to feel like a kid when you stand in front of these fossils and imagine the prehistoric animals who once walked the same land as you do, and soon, you can see them up close, on display.

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