Reading the tea leaves from Alabama: Any lessons for Nevada?

Alabama Election - Roy Moore (R) Doug Jones (D). (MGN Online)

Nevada Democrats hope what happens in Alabama, doesn’t stay there, to borrow our famous slogan.

“I think it sets a tone for 2018. There's momentum here,” says Donna West, the Chairperson of the Clark County Democratic Party. “There's energy and enthusiasm among Democratic voters. We're going to carry that forward.”

Strong turnout would help Democrats, not only in our Senate race but also in Congressional District 3, which will be an open seat. The party also faces the prospect of a fight for CD4, which is currently held by Rep. Ruben Kihuen, who was hit with sexual misconduct accusations and says he will not resign.

One rule of politics says the party in power has a rough midterm.

With a Trump in the White House, Democrats are riding a recent wave that had its latest crest in Alabama.

“This certainly shows an anti-Trump sentiment and a chance to take the Nevada seat,” says First District Congresswoman Dina Titus, D-Nevada.

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Alabama and Nevada are two different states, but Democrats are cheered by the fact this win comes on the heels of earlier victories in New Jersey and Virginia.

Any tea leaves to read for Nevada?

“No, of course not,” says Republican Danny Tarkanian, who is challenging incumbent Senator Dean Heller in next June's primary.

Tarkanian has been with Trump since the beginning and he’s one of the President’s most loyal supporters. He says the Alabama outcome was the result of a controversial Republican candidate facing serious claims of sexual misconduct with girls, some, young teenagers.

“This was a very unique race in that there were serious allegations that came out against Judge Moore,” Tarkanian told me.

The Heller camp says Alabama proves candidates matter and that Tarkanian can't win.

“President Trump was right when he endorsed Luther Strange, and he was right again when he said today that we have to nominate Republicans who can win,” says Heller spokesperson Keith Schipper. “Candidates like Roy Moore, Danny Tarkanian, and Sharron Angle cost us seats and embarrass our party.”

The statement refers to Angle, a Tea Party-backed conservative who lost to Harry Reid in 2010.

“Dean Heller was a never-Trumper and helped Hillary Clinton win the state of Nevada. That's an embarrassment,” says Tarkanian.

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