Real-life Grinch caught on camera stealing Christmas gift in northwest valley

Real-life Grinch caught on camera stealing Christmas gift in northwest valley

The multiple surveillance cameras on one home near Decatur Boulevard and Gowan Road were no deterrent for one thief as she walked up to the home three days before Christmas and stole a package.

Multiple camera angles show the thief and a man in red pants covering the neighborhood. The man serves as a lookout during the actual theft.

The homeowner, Greg Everett, was shocked by what he saw on his surveillance cameras, saying that his wife and three children were home when the theft occurred.

"You could tell they walk by, they see the package, and they slowly turn back around. So they kind of just planned it out. He hangs back, sort of like a lookout. It stinks when you have people going around the holidays that want to steal from people. It obviously doesn't make you feel good. This isn't their first time doing it. They are doing this to make money," explained Everett.

The crook got away with a stuffed animal, which Everett says was meant to be a gift for his 2-year-old daughter, Katelyn.

The stuffed animal was unique because it was treated with essential oils made especially for children suffering from allergies and other ailments.

The owner of Plant Therapy, the company that sells the stuffed animals, got word of the theft on social media, and the CEO of the company, Chris Jones, flew from Twin Falls, Idaho, to personally deliver a replacement stuffed animal just before Christmas.

"It was really surprising, shocking they did that. Our family loved it. They scored a lifetime of support for us now," Everett said.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says the thieves have hit multiple homes in the neighborhood, and Everett hopes his surveillance video will get the two perps off the street.

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