Red Rock Advisory Council recommends no development on Gypsum Canyon

Rangers investigate a hiker’s death Saturday, November 18, 2017, at Red Rock National Recreation Area. (Corwin Hall/KSNV)

A contentious meeting in Blue Diamond debated a master planned community near Red Rock Canyon.

The Red Rock Citizens Advisory Council recommended "no" to the development.

About 80 people packed the rec hall in Blue Diamond to voice their opposition to the residential concept plan near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

A Blue Diamond resident said, "I don't have a single question of the waiver. I have an answer. I suspect it's the answer everyone wants to give. It's no! Hell no! No way!"

Gypsum Resources and developer Jim Rhoades aim to build a residential area on 2,000 acres of hilltop property that is on a gypsum mine.

Ron Krater, a planning consultant and spokesman for Gypsum Resources, stressed to the crowd that the developers are looking to build an environmentally-friendly community.

"Ultimately, I wanted to get one point very clear. The landowner has the right to develop the property," said Krater.

However, people in and around Blue Diamond believe the environment would be threatened.

They also say the development would crowd local roads and ruin the scenic skyline view of Blue Diamond Hill.

"We have tried to keep the canyon as a place of peace and serenity for everybody in Clark County to use. The Clark County Commission has no obligation to enrich Jim Rhoades' pockets," said resident Linda Goodman.

The Red Rock Citizens Advisory Councils' recommendation will now go to the Clark County Commission.

They will meet on the matter next on Wednesday, Dec. 5, at 9 a.m.

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