Rent out the whole hotel: Artisan Hotel offers property for holiday parties

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) - It's now possible to rent out an entire hotel for your big event. The Artisan is now making it possible for people to host weddings, parties, and even corporate getaways.

If you've never stepped inside Artisan hotel, it's a property that doesn't disappoint. From paintings that defy gravity on the ceiling to an enormous fountain that is showcased front and center, many will agree that it is a venue that is truly unique. Now people have the opportunity to make it the setting of their next big event.

"You can literally buy out the entire hotel," says Michael Crandall of The Siegel Group.

Crandall is the Senior Vice President for The Siegel Group. He says for a starting price of $7,500 the property could be yours for the night. The 63 room space comes complete with an ultra-lounge, dining room, pool, chapel, and an outdoor wedding venue.

"This is the hotel capital of the world and we need to stand out," Crandall said.

Crandall says their strategy is already paying off. While a marketing push just hit the town, their offer has been around for a few years.
According to customer feedback, many say it's nice to know that no strangers can walk in on the special day.

"Some conventions come in during convention time and buy out our entire hotel and they make it their booth for the weekend," Crandall said.

Now, if Artisan had gaming, this might not work. By statute, a gaming floor must remain open to the general public. But Artisan doesn't have that problem.

David Schwartz is Director of UNLV's Gaming Research Center. He says Artisan is small enough to make this idea work, something the big guys on The Strip can't match.

"I think this is a great idea," says Schwartz. "I think even if you have the money to do it, there's no way you could rent out a whole mega resort even for just one night because it's booked months in advance."

As for the name, there is a reason for the "Art" in "Artisan". With a nod to Michelangelo, El Greco, and Da Vinci, each room is themed around an artist.

"What we're doing right now are holiday parties," Crandall said.

It's all about owning a piece of Las Vegas, if only for a night.

For more information visit The Artisan's website or call the hotel at 702-919-7214.

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