REPORT: Deadliest roads in the valley

REPORT: Deadliest roads in the valley

A family is mourning the loss of a loved following a deadly crash near Blue Diamond and Lindell Road Thursday.

Police say a suburban collided with a pickup truck, hitting and killing the driver who was trying to turn onto Blue Diamond Road.

In the wake of deadly crashes in the valley, attorney Donald Kudler and his colleagues recently gathered data to create an accident map of the most dangerous roads in the valley.

“Yes, we do personal injury law, but it’s also about can we make life safer, in this case, the streets,” Kudler said.

Interstate 15 northbound had the highest number of injuries in 2016 with more than 2,300 reported. While Rainbow Boulevard recorded 6 deadly incidents.

New numbers from traffic safety expert Erin Breen show that 11 people have died on Sahara Avenue this year alone. Six of the people killed were in cars, five were pedestrians, and one was a motorcyclist.

Kudler says what's next is working on the "why."

“Once we know why then we can focus on how we can fix it? How can we make it safer? Is it people jumping the lights, is it people coming out of the intersections, is there a way to make this a safer intersection, a safer freeway, a safer street,” Kudler said.

To take a look at the most dangerous roads in your area, click here.

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