Report: Raiders still can move to Las Vegas without Sheldon Adelson support

Oakland Raiders (SBG)

Could the Raiders move to Las Vegas still happen without the backing of billionaire casino boss Sheldon Adelson?

NBC Sports' “Pro Football Talk” reports league insiders say they believe the Raiders will definitely move to Las Vegas, and it will be nearly impossible for the league to convince other team owners to vote against it.

Insiders also say that Raiders owner Mark Davis will still move the team here even if Adelson backs out of the stadium plan and would find someone else – or a group of investors – to pony up that part of the cost.

NFL owners could vote on the idea as early as next month. Twenty-four of 32 “yes” votes are needed to approve the move.

Also Tuesday, Clark County commissioners are expected to vote early next month whether to give a half million-dollar loan to the entity that oversees a proposed Las Vegas NFL stadium project.

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Commissioners voted 6-1 on Tuesday to draft a short-term loan agreement that will be up for approval at their next meeting.

The stadium authority will be funded by a Las Vegas-area hotel tax increase that's expected to yield $13 million a year, but casinos won't start collecting that until March 1 and money won't flow to the authority until April.

The loan is expected to pay for administrators and specialized lawyers who will draft an agreement between developers and the stadium authority.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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