Report: Suspect in Trump Hotel fire wanted to see what 'dumb-f***ery' he could get into


A newly-released arrest report details the circumstances that surround a burglary suspect following multiple small fires at Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas.

Officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrested 28-year-old Roger Fraley in connection with the fires, which were reported Wednesday evening at the hotel.

According to Clark County Fire Department Arson Investigators, the suspect, identified as Fraley, placed paper products and towels inside two toasters in an apparent attempt to start a fire in the women's bathroom on the pool deck.

Two additional smoking toasters with paper and towels were located on the 17th floor.

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In an arrest report released by LVMPD, Trump Towers security officers were dispatched after an employee saw the suspect leave an area marked "Private Employee Only" with two toasters in his arms.

The employee tried to make contact with the man but he continued to walk away. She then walked out and saw smoke coming from the pool deck bathrooms, further alerting hotel security.

Security was also informed of a smoke alarm coming from rooms 1705 and 1706, two floors above from where the pool deck and pantry are located.

After locating the suspect coming out of an elevator, security attempted to take him into custody, to which he fought with personnel and caused minor injuries to one.

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In an initial interview between LVMPD officers and Fraley, he stated that Roger Fraley was not his name and he had the given name of Rick Anthony Oliveras. The suspect then continued to tell police that he was dropped off by a friend after leaving his vehicle -- a Pontiac Firebird -- and upon entering the lobby, he was tackled by 10 people and beat up.

Later on, Fraley then told officers that what he told agents and detectives previously was untrue and that he did not have a car and his name was Roger Fraley.

He then told police he had been up all night and day wandering around and had not slept at all.

Fraley told officers he felt "f***ed up" from being awake and felt burnt from being in the sun. He then stated that he walked into the hotel and started to walk around to see what type of "dumb-f***ery" he could get into.

It was then that Fraley says he wandered into the hallway and saw the toasters on the shelf and "the idea came to him" though he was vague on what that idea was.

Fraley was originally charged with arson and burglary but is now only facing the burglary charge.

He is booked into the Clark County Detention Center and is expected to make his first court appearance on Monday.

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