Report: Victim assaulted 4 times in home invasion attack

LAS VEGAS (KSNV My News 3) - One of several victims of a Jan. 19 home invasion and robbery was sexually assaulted four times by three of the assailants, according to Metro's arrest report.

Three teens arrested in the attacks were in court Friday morning.

The judge set no bail for 18-year-old Qumaire Rainey, 18, Edward London, 17, and Casey Franks, 16. The judge also appointed a public defender to represent the three.

Their next court appearance is scheduled for 9 a.m. Feb. 23.

The attacks and robbery began about 7:30 p.m. when four male teens kicked in the door of the home in the southwest Las Vegas Valley, grabbed a male victim, forced him to the floor and pointed a gun to his head. As some of the men began ransacking the house, another suspect held a knife to the victim's throat.

An adult woman who was sleeping upstairs was awakened by loud crashes and noise. One of the assailants pushed through the door into her bedroom and put a gun to her head. He repeatedly questioned her: "Where is the safe, bitch? Where is the money? Where is the gold?" The man then walked down the hallway to the children's bedroom.

In that bedroom, he confronted another adult woman who was sleeping with two children. After demanding to know where he would find valuables, he ordered her to keep the children in the room or they all would be killed. After taking valuables from the bedroom, the man returned to the other adult woman.

He forced her into another bedroom, pulled off her clothing and began sexually assaulting her. She begged him not to rape her. She told police he choked her as he raped her. Another suspect entered the room and demanded that she perform oral sex on him.

A third suspect then came to the room and raped her. She begged him to stop.

Moments later, another assailant, who appeared to be the group's leader, ordered the other suspect to stop assaulting the woman. "This isn't why we're here. If you wanna get your rocks off, we can call one our bitches or hoes." He then helped the woman off the floor and apologized.

As soon as this man left the room, another suspect entered and raped the woman a third time.

One of the victims called 911. Neighbors told officers they heard the suspects yelling that they had to leave because the police were on the way. They fled in a waiting car.

When officers arrived they found the house ransacked and a trail of property leading to the street. A neighbor's video surveillance showed a dark sedan, possibly a Toyota Corolla, parked in front of the house during the robbery.

The sexual assault victim was taken to UMC for an exam and treatment.

Early the next morning, North Las Vegas police responded to a report of another home invasion. The victim said three men kicked in her door. She confronted them with her own gun, but they claimed to be police. They ransacked the house, taking electronics, guns and the woman's car.

Using the woman's iPhone locater, they tracked the stolen car. After chasing two cars, police arrested three suspects. Two more suspects remain at large.

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