Rescue Farm operator cries foul over city's proposed chicken ordinance

At least one person crying foul over city’s proposed chicken ordinance. (Gerard Ramalho | KSNV)

In some ways, Sharon Linsenbardt is like a modern-day Noah. At her Barn Buddies Rescue Farm in Northwest Las Vegas, she has two of almost everything.

"We are a farm animal rescue, which means we take in farm animals that need a spot," said Linsenbardt.

Two of almost everything, except when it comes to chickens.

"You know after 3 or 4 years the chicken stops laying, so that means I’m getting a chicken that's going to eat and poop for the rest of its life, and I'm never going to get an egg out of it," said Linsenbardt.

Sharron has so many roosters and chickens, she can barely keep count. On average she says, she takes in about a dozen a week. Which is why she's concerned about a proposed ordinance in the city of Las Vegas.

"Urban agriculture has been carrying on here in Las Vegas for quite a while, this is nothing new," said City Councilman Bob Coffin, who wants to expand areas within the city to allow more chickens. And for areas where they are allowed, to increase to number from 5 to 10.

“No roosters, unless they've been de-crowed. And frankly the hens don't make any noise at all," said Coffin.

But Linsenbardt’s rescue is full of roosters, brought in by people who initially thought they were chickens.

"If this city ordinance goes through we are going to have such an overabundance of roosters in this valley that I can't even express it to you," she said.

Linsenbardt fears an expansion of the rule will only mean more unwanted pets; pets she says she can't accommodate because her arc is full. “We just can't take them all."

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