Resiliency Center offers help to 1 October victims who recieve unsolicited lawyer ads


Survivors and family members of victims of the 1 October shooting are reminded that they can reach out to the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center to speak with staff from the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada if they have questions about unsolicited legal advertisements or other consumer-related legal concerns.

“The legal process can be daunting and complex,” said Tennille Pereira, Esq. of the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, which has staff on site at the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center each day. “Some survivors are reporting unsolicited mail and social media advertisements from lawyers urging them to join class-actions lawsuits. We encourage you to reach out to the state bar association in your state to determine whether someone contacting you is a licensed attorney, and whether solicitations you are receiving are being properly disclosed as advertisements according to the laws of your state.”

Every state has its own rules governing how lawyers may solicit and advertise for business. In Nevada, the State Bar of Nevada shares the following statement with the public: “The Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct require attorneys to clearly mark all targeted advertisement mailings with the following disclaimer in red ink: NOTICE: THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT! This disclaimer must appear on the envelope and each page of the communication which helps families to distinguish advertisements from formal legal notices that can be generated in class action lawsuits.”

Anyone who has questions about a legal advertisement they received or questions about the legal process in general, may call the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center to speak with the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada attorney or legal victim advocate on staff. Free legal services being offered through the Resiliency Center include legal consultations and advice for civil matters such as housing, employment, medical billing issues, family law issues and more. The center’s phone number is (702) 455-AIDE (2433) in the Las Vegas area and 1-833-299-AIDE (2433) for those outside Las Vegas or other states or countries. To learn more about the Resiliency Center visit its website at Hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center is a free resource hub that connects 1 October survivors and family members of victims with counseling referrals locally and nationwide. Additionally, staff at the Resiliency Center will provide assistance to anyone impacted by the shooting with an application for the Nevada Victims of Crime program. This program helps pay for a variety of expenses such as insurance co-pays and medications. The deadline to submit an application for this program is October 1, 2018.

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