Rip-Off Alert: Dog stolen from animal rescue event in front of Petsmart


An animal rescue is searching for answers after a puppy was taken from a rescue event in front of a Petsmart.

The woman who was fostering the dog is also fostering the dog’s brothers and sister -- along with many other dogs. She said just like any other dog in her care - all she wants to know is that the puppy is ok.

Amanda Shannon, who organized the event is a dog lover. It's evident as you watch her interact with the 13 foster dogs in her care.

In her current herd were three brothers and a sister: Wrinkles, Aladdin and Hercules -- but one is missing. Jasmine.

"I had to leave for about an hour - and that's when it happened,” said Shannon.

Shannon worries someone was scouting her out at the adoption event in Oklahoma City, waiting for her to leave -- so they could jump on the opportunity.

“I'm kind of a security guard over the dogs," said Shannon.

It was chaotic at the event, but she says even when things do get hectic, people haven’t intentionally walked away with a dog before.

"I haven't experienced anything like this," said Shannon.

Shannon is especially shocked that it happened with a dog as big as Jasmine.

"This isn't a tuck-in-a jacket kind of puppy," Shannon said. "I don't know what to do. But hopefully, she's ok."

If the theft it happened to be from a loving home who was afraid they couldn't afford the adoption fees, Shannon said she is willing to work with them.

"Nothing is free. But, I mean, we work with families in that aspect. We really do so it's just a matter of talking to us."

The puppy is microchipped, and the rescue is offering a $200 reward for her safe return -- no questions asked.

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