Robert Graham case: Victim of disgraced lawyer awaits justice

Robert Graham, 52, appears in court Tuesday, January 10, 2017, at the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas. (Justin Fuller/KSNV)

“How could he do this to people?” It’s the question Sharona Dagani asks herself night after night, cut off from the round the clock care a settlement fund was supposed to provide her in the years after her birth, where medical malpractice left her totally dependent on nurses and confined to a wheelchair.

Dagani tells News 3, she had nearly two million dollars in a trust and trusted the money to disgraced former Las Vegas Attorney Robert Graham.

The money is gone.

“He took everything I had he took all my finances and left me with absolutely nothing.”

Graham, whose television commercials ran in heavy rotation in Las Vegas, is believed to have embezzled 17 million dollars from the most vulnerable of clients like Sharona.

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“I trusted him.”

Friday, Graham, who pleaded guilty in a Las Vegas courtroom months ago, will learn his fate. Joan Albstein is Sharona’s mother and will be in court to stare Graham down.

“My daughter had the money in trust for her care. All she is physically able to do is dial a telephone. There are times when she is without care until One O’Clock in the afternoon and has to sit in a soiled diaper until the one nurse a day can get to her," Joan told us.

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Sharona, who places her faith in God, decries the loss through tears.

“I’m really struggling financially, right now I can barely afford rent let alone power, water. Why me? First, it was medical malpractice when I was born now it’s legal malpractice”

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