Ryan Bundy to be released to a halfway house

Ryan Bundy, who is representing himself at trial, will be released to a halfway house, where he can better prepare his defense. Ammon Bundy remains in custody, by order of the judge. Opening arguments tomorrow AM- federal court. (Craig Fiegener)

Ryan Bundy will be released from federal custody at a facility in Pahrump to a halfway house in the Las Vegas area.

The decision was announced Monday after a sealed hearing, meaning the court proceeding was not open to the public.

Judge Gloria Navarro decided that Ryan Bundy, who is representing himself at trial, will transition to a halfway house, and be required to wear an ankle monitoring device.

Last week, Bundy argued a motion to be set free for the duration of the trial, which the judge denied.

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Today's decision is an apparent compromise by the judge to allow Bundy more time to prepare his defense.

Ryan Bundy said travel time each day between the federal facility in Pahrump and federal court in Las Vegas deprived him of the time needed to prepare for trial.

The judge also decided that Ryan's brother, Ammon, will remain in federal custody, despite a request for freedom, made by his attorney.

Ammon Bundy is a flight risk, and potentially a danger to the public, said Judge Navarro.

Opening statements begin Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m.

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