Salute Our Troops | 22-year veteran now help other vets suffering from PTSD

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Every month, we are honored to salute our troops by recognizing people in our community who go the extra mile to help others.

Our nominee this month is someone who served in both the US Air Force and the Army Reserve, 22 years in all. Now, his life is dedicated to serving other veterans who have fallen on hard times.

"My mom who is very regimented, very strict, game me two choices… go to college or go to the service," he said.

Ultimately, Steven Hardy chose the military. A decision he says he's never regretted.

"I spent 13 years overseas, and I gained a tremendous amount of life experience and skills that did nothing but set me up for success afterward," he said.

14 years in the US Air Force, another 8 years in the Army Reserve, his assignments put him on the front lines, working both as ammunition specialists and in counter-terrorism units.

"I served in 3 different combat theaters: Bosnia, Iraq, Gulf War, all throughout the Middle East and Africa," he said.

As a result, Steven now suffers from post-traumatic stress. It's what led him to start his Home Deployment Project. A non-profit that helps displaced veterans with PTSD.

"To know that it's all done from his heart. To know his story, about how he was almost in that predicament and he wants to give back, that's God's work," said Hardy's friend, Jason Ratner.

In three years,14 veterans have already reintegrated into society without a single relapse with the help of the program.

"Essentially, we're helping homeless vets regain a life, that they once lost," Hardy told us.

If you know a military member who goes above and beyond in our community, they can be active or a veteran, someone you think deserves recoginition, click here to submit a nomination.

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