SALUTE OUR TROOPS: After serving in the Army, Archie helps kids with learning disabilities

SALUTE OUR TROOPS: After serving in the Army, Archie helps kids with learning disabilities

Every month we like to salute our troops by recognizing those veterans in Southern Nevada who go the extra mile to make our community great.

This month’s nominee is someone who served in the U.S. Army. He's lived in Las Vegas for nearly 20 years, and long ago he realized he had a special calling: to serve people who suffer from learning disabilities.

Growing up in North Carolina, Archie McArthur had one true love: football. As a youngster, he believed he would follow that career path. When the time came, however, he ultimately chose the military.

"Graduated at 17, was off to boot camp, and turned 18 in boot camp,” said Archie. “A few months later, was overseas in Germany as a young guy."

It was an adventure, one that included lessons in discipline and life in general.

"I had a lot of great experiences that ultimately grew me up pretty fast," Archie said.

Archie also discovered he loved serving others, which ultimately led him to New Vista in Las Vegas, a nonprofit that supports youth and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Tammy De La Cruz is a coworker and friend who says Archie has a special gift for reaching people in need.

"He pushes us to reach the stars," Tammy said. "He is caring, but he shows us how to care a little more for the individuals that we serve here."

After years as an employee, Archie now serves as New Vista's executive director. His favorite part is watching lives transform.

"Ultimately they are the driving factor, and love for what it is I do here at New Vista," said Archie.

We want to say thank Archie for his service, not only in the military, his your continued service with New Vista and throughout the community.

We're definitely fortunate to have Archie here in Las Vegas.

If you know a military member who goes above and beyond in our community who deserves recognition -- they can be active or veteran –- click here to submit a nomination.

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