San Gennaro Feast license pulled, event canceled

San Gennaro Feast license pulled, event canceled

For the first time in nearly 4-decades fans of thrill rides and signature foods like sausage and peppers, won't be able to find them at the bi-annual San Gennaro Feast.

Promoter Anthony Palmisano, a past recipient of the key to the city, says everything changed following his most recent festival last fall.

"It just started in September when they did that taskforce for the liquor, serving minors," said Palmisano.

A Metro undercover sting revealed a vendor at the festival sold alcohol to minors. It was enough for county leaders to pull the San Gennaro license to operate.

"We have heard of other times in the past where there was the possibility of underage drinking," said Clark County Commissioner Susan Brager. "It is, it's all about safety and he was given very serious directives and said if something did not happen don't come back."

Tens of thousands of guests visited San Gennaro twice a year, and Palmisano estimates a per festival impact to the local economy $7million. He says while it was one of his vendors who made the violation, he does take responsibility.

"This is my livelihood, this is what I do for a living. People love the feast and I definitely want to work with the county and Metro to do whatever we have to do, to fix that problem," said Palmisano.

Palmisano says he's already made some changes, including hiring new liquor vendors. And hopes the county will see fit to allow the tradition to continue.

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