'Save Red Rock' takes on Clark County in lawsuit

The conservation group Save Red Rock was in court on Thursday, taking on Clark County.

After sitting in limbo for a couple months, official talks on the plan to rezone and build on a section of land around Red Rock will continue to move forward.

The judge denied two motions in court, clarifying questions that could have potentially stopped the county and the developer from coming up with further plans.

On the other side of these talks is Save Red Rock.

Along with their legal team, dozens of Save Red Rock supporters also gathered to be in court for the hearing.

Save Red Rock is fighting to stop the rezoning of land on Blue Diamond Hill which would place thousands of homes on the land at the Old Gypsum Mine.

The project has been tied up in court for years.

In 2011, the county and the developer Jim Rhodes came up with a broad outline of what the development would look like.

But, there were questions about whether or not that plan had expired.

The judge denied that motion in court and suggested they now move forward with plans drafted in 2016 to avoid any further expiration issues.

The judge also denied a motion set forth by Save Red Rock to dismiss a lawsuit placed against them by the county.

Save Red Rock's team accused the county of trying to silence their first amendment right to free speech and to protest through the lawsuit.

The judge cleared those concerns stating, they still will have the opportunity to have their voices heard in opposition to the plan at the Clark County Board of Commissioners meeting.

"Save Red Rock is entitled to pursue its arguments before the county commission and that if the county tries to cut us off at all they're going to have issues with this judge,” said lawyer Justin Jones with Save Red Rock

Ron Krater, a representative for the developer, Jim Rhodes, released this statement to News 3 about today’s proceedings:

“We will continue to have a lot of faith in the process. We are looking forward to the continued dialogue regarding our proposal. We are continuously working to prepare our plan for the February 22nd Clark County Board of Commissioners hearing date.”
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