Seal Team 6 founder talks ISIS at SHOT show in Las Vegas

During the Iran Hostage crisis in 1981 Richard Marcinko was working in the Pentagon. Soon after he designed an elite group of experts. The group he formed was called Seal Team 6.

Marcinko has since gone on to be an accomplished author and consultant. He sat down with us in between appearances at the Shot Show, to talk about the fight against ISIS and the challenges incoming President Donald Trump could face.

“Unsettled world. It’s about as organized as a box of rubber bands.” Marcinko told us. He has met the Trump family several times and, while he could not talk to us about conversations he has had with the incoming administration we did ask him if he has their ear. “I have offered my opinion,” Marcinko told us “and those who wanted to, took it.”

On the mood of the troops and what they expect from a Trump administration, Marcinko said this. “They want somebody with stability what is our policy and stay to it.”

On how he believes the Trump administration should deal with ISIS; “ISIS, you can’t squash because of social media and networking. You certainly can damage it enough where it doesn’t want to pop its head out of the sand again. In my mind there’s no way you can do it without boots on the ground”

Marcinko will be at the Lee’s Liquor’s Rainbow location on Friday for a book signing.

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