Secretary of Homeland Security talks school safety in Las Vegas

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    From Newtown, Connecticut to Parkland, Florida...there are far too many American cities known for all the wrong reasons.

    We're talking about school violence.

    Already this year, two guns were found at Clark County schools including a 9mm at Centennial High on Wednesday.

    Now, Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security is in Las Vegas looking for possible solutions.

    "We want to harden structures to make sure attackers cannot get through," said Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

    Sheriff Tim Troyer from Steuben County Indiana says his state is making it easier for school staff to report an emergency.

    "If a shooter is in the school. A teacher presses a fob around his or her neck and cameras come up in the 911 center miles away," said Sheriff Tim Troyer.

    Other ideas were bulletproof glass on windows and doors. Single entry campuses and regular training so students know what to do in a lockdown situation.

    "We need to let teachers teach and let law enforcement enforce the law," said Alison Turner, a board member of the National PTA.

    She says school security begins at home. Keeping guns away from students in the first place.

    "I'm certainly a supporter of the 2nd amendment but I'm also a supporter of safe schools. I think that's the best way to go about it, that piece as opposed to harden every campus and make it impenetrable," said Alison Turner.

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