Security a priority for Nevada companies transporting marijuana to dispensaries

Security is a priority for Nevada companies transporting marijuana to dispensaries (KSNV)

A coordinated heist at a Las Vegas marijuana shop last month put a spotlight on security for Nevada’s newest industry, including the companies that transport pot.

Acres Cannabis dispensary CEO John Mueller told News 3 that safety concerns don’t stop at the door.

“Any product that leaves or comes in the building ... our armed security is standing over the top and we've got at least two cameras monitoring that transaction too,” said Mueller.

Currently, there are only a handful of companies transporting marijuana from business to business in Nevada –- some of those deliveries are made in large plastic tubs.

Several of those distributors responsible for taking marijuana from the growers to the sellers use their personal cars to transport the pot but they are required to be unmarked vehicles and have a lock box on board.

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However, Christy McAdams of Focus Distribution insists that standard cars are simply not secure enough.

McAdams is aware her team is at risk of becoming moving targets for criminals on each delivery, which is why they’re relying on highly modified unmarked delivery cars fully equipped with cameras, GPS tracking, and three layers of locks.

“You open the doors, there’s a safe in front of you and inside that safe, there’s another safe where the product is inside of,” said McAdams.

The delivery car also consists of a refrigeration unit that allows workers to keep marijuana products and edibles cool while maintaining quality control.

The trucks are capable of carrying up to $100,000 worth of product but McAdams said each unit will be staffed with at least two people.

“There are some other safety features that I won’t mention that will help protect us from any kind of problems hopefully,” said McAdams.

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